Chamber Mission


The mission of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is to promote businesses that add value while fostering a beneficial relationship with the community and help improve the overall quality of life in the City of Long Beach and surrounding communities.


professional community


It is our central goal to encourage the forces of the community to work together for its improvement and development - in business, in industry, and community. Together, the Chamber does what no ONE person can do. The Chamber consists of a volunteer group of local business owners who live, work and play here. 


Community Development


Community Development includes the development of industry and trade, handling of civic activities, publicity and public relations for the community, and much more. The variety and scope of activities are virtually unlimited, depending on the needs of the community, along with the desire and ability of the Chamber to carry them out. The Chamber may aim to increase community payrolls, improve the buying power of its citizens, attract more customers to the trading and retail area, solve city zoning problems, improve the parking situation, and suggest improvements for the licensing system. The Chamber may also suggest changes and enhancement in the legislation of the local body, the county, state, and nation, in such matters as taxes.

The Chamber does not carry all this work alone but often works closely with other organizations and public officials. It aims to help all members of the business community; firms and individuals alike.

In some cases, the Chamber works with the City and county government, such as in industrial, public relations, and development programs. But the benefits to such bodies from such working together are legion: The know-how of the Chamber and its available workforce and facilities designed especially for such type of work can sometimes do a specialized job that the City and county cannot.