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What do you do?

We are Indoor Environmental Specialists. We test the indoor air for mold, particulates, volatile organic compounds (chemical pollutants) temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Why do you do what you do? We test indoor air quality in homes and commercial spaces to help improve the health of homeowners and workers who are possibly being exposed to an unhealthy environment.

What sets your business apart? Our customer service, attention to detail and extended knowledge of what we do, sets us apart from other companies. We care!!  

Favorite part of doing business in Long Beach (or surrounding area)?  Helping to keep the community healthy! I have been a resident of Long Beach for 32 years; it's my home.  I'm dedicated to keeping Long Beach commerce healthy too. My thoughts are: support local and shop local.

What would be a great referral for you?  Anyone that needs their indoor air quality checked for potential hazards.

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