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Tailfeather Designs Jewelry

Year Opened:  2009

What do you do?

‚ÄčI design jewelry and accessories for men and women inspired by different cultures and my travels around the world. I also am a certified human potentiality coach.

Why do you do what you do?

Tailfeather started as a hobby when I was in the fast-paced world of Marketing and events. I longed to slow down and for stillness. To have more presence and human connection. Being in the studio creating brings me this peace, feeds my soul, and makes me happy. Bringing the collections to market allows me to have deep connections with my customers and buyers, many of which become life long friends.

What sets your business apart?

Each piece is handcrafted with love and intention using all sustainably sourced metals, gems and other materials. The intention and motivation for Tailfeather originates from the ancient tradition of jewelry that served as a talisman for protection, love and friendship. I design each w piece with inspiration drawn from amulets of all different cultures.

Favorite part of doing business in Long Beach (or surrounding area)?

I love connecting with my customers, hearing their story and sharing mine. I love being able to inspire and bring smiles to peoples faces. I love inspiring and co-creating. But most of all I love the people in this city and our shared love for the beach. Long Beach community is inclusive, supportive and strong. I love being able to see so many friends wearing Tailfeather. It makes me feel we are truly connected and always inspiring each other.

What would be a great referral for you?

The best referrals are either shop owers who carry jewelry or individuals that love collecting unique jewelry


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