Member Spotlight

cafe of life chiropractic


Today's Featured Member is Cafe of Life Chiropractic located at 100 West Park Ave in the heart of the Central Business District (and directly across the street from our @thelongbeachchamber offices!).

A longstanding Member and a huge supporter of our business community for many years, Cafe of Life has a fascinating story:

Business: Cafe of Life Chiropractic

Owner: Joshua Siegel.DC

Year Opened: 2006

What do you do: "After being called into chiropractic at a young age when my life radically transformed through the power of adjustment, my mission became to inspire and guide people to an extraordinary life. We offer adjustments to those of all ages in our Long Beach and original Bellmore offices."

Why do you do what do: "My mission is to touch as many lives as I can through the power of the adjustment, to live a life of purpose helping all individuals to heal and prevent illness." What sets your business apart? "Cafe of Life prides itself on the services we provide to all who walk through our door, including adults and children, expectant women and newborns. Our amazing team provides a loving environment with personalized care and support.

Our Office is not limited to chiropractic care alone; we offer wellness and weight loss services, as well as many other options for natural healing." What's the best part of doing business in Long Beach? "The amazing people."

Dr Josh's personal transformation:

Dr Josh's transformation